We love beautiful hosiery and truly believe that this is one of the most enjoyable things you can buy and receive as a gift.

Choice of pantyhose, tights and stockings is huge these days, but we hope that our guide may make the choice a little easier. When you buy, you may want to pay attention to the following parameters:

It might be helpful to answer the following questions:

1. What occasion are these stockings / pantyhose / tights for?

• the bedroom

• weekend away-to be worn during the day

• the evening party / function

• a special occasion (i.e.wedding)

2. What style would look good?

• rich pattern

• subtle pattern

• lace

• with seam

• classic

3. What style will be the whole creation, which stockings / pantyhose / tights are going to complement?

4. In black or the more natural tones?

5. Garter stockings and hold ups are perfect for intimate moments and romantic occasions.

6. Choosing the size is very important, but not difficult. Size chart are available on each product page and click on [ Size chart ].


Bridal: Whether you're tying the knot, you're a bridesmaid or you're a proud member of the family, we've got your hosiery sorted out for the big day. Often with bridal wear it's tradition to have on white stockings or thigh high, although pantyhose are perfect too. In our bridal range at Spike Angel, we have provided you with traditional, innovative, and sexy designs and we even the garters to go with our stunning hosiery.

Briefs: The brief is the section of the hosiery which starts at the waist or hip and finishes at the top of the thigh. However, there are various types of brief and each has its own qualities.

Sheer to waist: These items is consistant from the toes to the top of the tights. Be it sheer or opaque, the effect is still known as sheer to waist.

Boxer brief: The denier of the leg and brief is different. The brief is thicker around the top of the waist to the thigh, which provides extra reinforcement. This area is noticeably darker.

V-line brief: Not dissimilar to the boxer brief, the v-line brief is reinforced around the pelvic area, in a triangular shape. This provides a more natural and feminine shape that a standard boxer brief.

Control tops and support hosiery: both come in a wide range of different fabrics, typically in combination with Spandex and nylon. They offer a gentle and graduated level of compression to provide a better fit, a slimmer silhouette and strength in all of the highest stress areas. These are sturdier, reinforced types of hosiery that can meet a wide variety of different purposes depending on your individual need.


Matte: Matte tights are, as you would expect, completely matt with no shine whatsoever! Matte tights are both understated and flattering, plus they won’t draw too much attention to your legs as they give a completely flat look on your leg. Matte opaques are a particular favourite at Spike Angel as well as with the press.

Slight Sheen: Hosiery with a Slight sheen has just a hint of shine rather than being completely matt. The slight sheen will give a softer outline to your legs as they do not give such a flat appearance as matt tights. Suitable for every day and very elegant for the evening, particularly in sheer styles.

Shiny: Shiny hosiery has an obvious shine to it and very much catches the light. Shiny hosiery also feels smooth and silky on your legs. Great for special occasions, but can also be worn everyday. Shiny hosiery will draw even more attention to your legs as the light reflects off the hosiery, defining the shape of your legs. Shiny tights aren't great if you want to go for the "bare leg look" or don't want to draw too much attention to your legs!

Very Shiny: Very shiny is how we describe products such as Wet Look and other hosiery that is very glossy. Similar to shiny hosiery items but even glossier! Very shiny tights will reflect the light, drawing attention to your legs. Very shiny hosiery will also highlight your legs and make them stand out.

Microfiber: is a type of nylon yarn that is made from the many fine filaments or fibers that are packed together into one yarn. The yarn becomes very flexible, durable, resists wrinkling, has rich body. The tiny filaments or fibers can slide back and forth and maneuver around within the yarns in a fabric allowing the fabric to flow and stretch freely, yet still possess body. Fabrics made with microfibers are exceptionally soft and hold their shape well.

Elastane: is a term for a man-made stretch fiber, which is better known under trade name Lycra (DuPont's trademark) Elastane fibers can be stretched from four to seven times their length, reverting to their original length.

Lycra: is a trademark of INVISTA (DuPont company) for a synthetic stretch fabric with elastic ability to stretch up to 600% and spring back to the original size. Garments that were made using Lycra are very strong and flexible, that gives comfort, great fit and freedom of movement.

Fishnet: a material with an open, diamond shaped knit; open knit resembles a fish net. Diamond shaped holes can be extra small, medium and large. It also comes in fishnet woven patterns, when Fishnet pattern is woven on a regular knitted pantyhose, to create an interesting look.

Flat Seams: hosiery with flat seam is more comfortable to wear as it doesn't leave seam marks on the body. Special technique is used to achieve flat seams, so Garments with flat seams are considered higher quality products.

Gusset: usually a diamond-shaped or triangular insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose, which increases the durability, level of comfort and hygiene.

Graduated Compression: Hosiery that was specially woven with different level of compression on ankles, knees and thighs. The compression gradually reduces from ankles to thighs, to ensure proper blood circulation, reduces swelling of ankles, varicose veins and fatigues in your legs after the prolonged standing.

mmHg: Symbol for millimeter of Mercury - Unit of pressure, used in medicine for measuring blood, pressure defined as the pressure exerted by a column of mercury one millimeter high, under the action of gravity. Also used in Graduated Compression hosiery to define the amount of pressure the hose exerts on to the circumference of leg.


Thickness DEN (Denier)

Technically denier relates to the weight (i.e. the thickness) of yarn, which hosiery is made of, (1 den means that 9000 m of yarn weigh 1 gram). In general, the lower the denier, the more transparent look and a more delicate pantyhose. Some products, however, may give the impression that they are more transparent than implied by their den - this is good news, because it means that the product is stronger than it looks!

Ultra sheer: less than 10 den

Ultra thin hosiery are perfect to achieve the effect of bare legs. Available in a wide variety of den and shades. Most of the ultra-thin pantyhose and stockings not reinforced toe area, which are suitable to be worn with open-toed shoes.

Sheer: 10-20 den

Sheer pantyhose and stockings are needed in the every woman’s drawer. Designs are available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and finishes. Because they have a little bit higher denier are more practical for everyday use. We offer some beautiful pantyhose and stockings in 20 den in very elegant style.

Semi-sheer: 21-40 den

The hosiery is stronger and more durable than the lower den. Leg will be more covered. They are strong and will last a lot longer than sheers and yet your legs will remain quite visible. This hosiery is designed to give great coverage and can be purchased in an array of colours. Trendy and wearable we thought you might like to look at our collection of semi opaque products

Opaque: 41 and over

These tights, stockings give legs a complete coverage. thicker than sheers and so they are more durable. In the past, sheer was the way to go, but in modern fashion trends it is becoming increasingly popular for opaques to be worn, especially because they can create such drastic improvements on the look. If you are looking to bring more attention to your legs, then using opaque nylons is going to help. If you want to create an even more dramatic look, use tights, which are heavier in thickness than opaque tights.


Isn’t it annoying when your nail pulls a thread in your favourite pair of stockings or tights - ripping a run or a hole that cannot be repaired? Even more annoying is when you find out that your favorite style is no longer commercially available. You can take steps, however, to take better care of your nylons so that you can elongate their lifespan and get better use out of them.

Sharp Objects: Try to keep sharp edges out of contact from tights (e.g. chipped nails, rings, jewellery etc).

Hosiery Gloves: We recommend wearing hosiery gloves when putting on your hosiery. Gather each leg at the ankle; smooth over the foot and gently up the leg. Don't pull or jerk. Hands should work from front to back of your leg, pulling each leg equally to stretch yarns simultaneously and ensuring a smooth appearance. Hosiery should be taken off equally gently.

Strength: Certain areas are particularly prone to accidents when putting on and wearing. These areas are frequently strengthened to extend the life of products for example reinforced toes and brief.

Moisturiser: Using a moisturiser on both your hands and feet can stop your hosiery snagging on rough skin.

Washing Hosiery: The best way to wash your hosiery, if you are shooting for optimal hosiery care, is to wash by hand. If you do not want to wash them by hand, then the best thing for you to do is to wash in a cool cycle in the machine using a wash bag designed specifically for hosiery. Make sure that you dry without the use of indirect heat, and you should absolutely never iron them in order to keep them in good shape.

The No nonsense Pantyhose Recycling Program:

No Nonsense has developed the first pantyhose recycling program that repurposes those materials and turns them into infrastructure such as park benches, running tracks, car insulation, and playground equipment. Children's toys can also be generated through this solution, furthering the incentive to be proactive when it comes to the pantyhose recycling program. more information...




Each brand of women's pantyhose or tights has their own sizing that may vary from other brands. To ensure you get the correct size pantyhose or tights, each product has it's own size guide. To find the right size please use your height and weight measurements. For the most size charts you have to draw imaginary lines starting from your weight and height points and cross them on the grid. If your cross point is right between two size areas or very close to the border we would recommend to choose the larger size.


The length of the foot and crotch height will be needed when buying stockings. It’s quite important to get the size right. If you choose stockings too small, could be that:
a) the stocking is too stretched which may cause the lace collars to snap,
b) stockings quickly rip around the toes,
c) it will not look elegant and will be very uncomfortable.
If you choose stockings too big they may wrinkle.




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